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  • Introduction

    HRCC’s concept comes at a time when strong, independent and trusted national human rights bodies are required to promote a culture of rights, to effect change at national level, and to act quickly and efficiently to protect human rights in an ever-changing and challenging environment.

    Having become an established actor in the Malawian human rights landscape, HRCC now strives to diversify and enhance the support towards its members, while Strengthening the strategic engagement with stakeholders and creating synergies.

    In keeping with its founding mandate, HRCC seeks to sustain and setup a structured Network and establishing a permanent Secretariat. Thus this concept presents three key objectives which naturally reflect the evolution of the network as well as the context in which the Human rights in Malawi and governance institutions are performing.

    The HRCC secretariat was established with support from the Danish Institute for Human Rights with the aim of coordinating the activities of the network.

    The driving values of HRCC formation are as follows:

      Such areas include;
    1. Running independent and effective functions as a Human rights body in line with national and international principles

    2. Strengthening HRCC’s Network capacity including cooperation and solidarity will be essential to build a strong network given the hostile environment Human rights and governance bodies are operating from. This will include offering such solidarity within and across the border.

    3. Strengthening Governance and Management capacity of the secretariat to ensure the capacity of the secretariat is enhanced to provide support and attract the funding to keep the organisation running, relevant and impactful.

      1. This concept is therefore developed and being presented for appropriate support in furthering these key goals.