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  • Key Focus Areas

    HRCC is characterised by the diversity of its members’ organizational structures, mandates and interests, and a wide geographical scope.

    There are therefore numerous demands - from members and stakeholders alike - for HRCC to work on a variety of thematic and methodological areas which reflect this diversity.

    To be effective it is being proposed that HRCC shift and target resources to strategic areas where it can have the strongest impact, strengthen our members work and complement the work of our partners at Country and regional level.

    The areas of Networking, Oversight, advocacy, engagement, capacity building and awareness being proposed for HRCC’s focus for the next three years are as follows in order of priority;

    1. Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (labour rights).

    2. Governance, Transparency and Democratic rights.

    3. Human Rights Education and preservation (education, Health, environment, Civil, political, Land .).

    4. Human Rights and Conflict.

    5. Legal (rule of law, Policy Influence/shift and democratic space).

    6. Trafficking and Migration.

    7. Sustainable Development Goals.

    8. Human Rights and Business.

    9. Women, Minority and Older Persons’ Human Rights.

    10. Organisational Sustainability (capacity enhancement/Financial Viability).

    11. Public Audit and image enhancement.