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  • Objectives

    Human Rights Consultative Committee was established to achieve the following objectives:

    1. To advocate for the protection and promotion of human rights.

    2. To share information and experiences among member institutions and organizations which are involved in similar activities at regional, national and international level.

    3. To monitor documents and reports on the levels of adherence and respect for human rights.

    4. To build capacity of member institutions.

    5. To mobilize resources for member institutions in support of the implementation of the HRCC Strategic Plan.

    6. To enhance monitoring, documenting and reporting of issues of human rights.

    The key priority areas for HRCC are awareness creation on human rights and governance issues; evidence based advocacy and lobbying; research and documentation; and capacity building for member organizations.

    Structurally, HRCC comprise a General Assembly of all members that meet on an annual basis thorough an Annual General Meeting. From the general assembly, a 10 member Board of Trustees is elected on a three year term to provide overall policy direction to the network.

    Under the Board of Trustees, there is the HRCC Secretariat whose mandate is to manage the day to day activities of HRCC and overall coordination of activities of its members.