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  • Introduction

    HRCC’s concept comes at a time when strong, independent and trusted national human rights bodies are required to promote a culture of rights, to effect change at national level, and to act quickly and efficiently to protect human rights in an ever-changing and challenging environment.

    The Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC) is a network of 97 civil society organizations (CSOs) comprising local civil society organizations with interest in the areas of protection of people’s rights, promotion of the human rights agenda, and safeguarding good governance and the rule of law.

    Established in July, 1995, the network was an initiative of church institutions, human rights NGOs and the Malawi Law Society in order to address issues around human rights, advocacy and information sharing among civil society organizations.

    HRCC has a nationwide outreach with its members spread in all the districts of Malawi.

    HRCC has three categories of members: full members, associate members; and affiliate members.

    In addition, there are partners that work with HRCC on key developmental issues and currently there are four partners.

    The Human Rights Consultative Committee which was established during the period Malawi was going through a transition from a single party to political pluralism is a legally registered organization under the Company’s Registration Act.

    The HRCC secretariat was established with support from the Danish Institute for Human Rights with the aim of coordinating the activities of the network.

    The driving values of HRCC formation are as follows:

    1. Promoting civil and political rights.
    2. Responding to the need for driving the democratization process, and creating awareness on constitutional and human rights issues.
    3. Harmonizing the interventions of civil society organizations working on human rights in order to take advantage of economies of scale, reducing duplication of efforts, and maximizing efficiency gains.