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  • Our achievements

    The following are the driving factors that have contributed to HRCC’s achievements::

    Lean Secretariat

    A lean and focused secretariat

    A lean and focused secretariat that is able to respond to the needs of the members and coordinate the activities of its member organizations in order to contribute to the objectives of the HRCC.

    Working Relationship

    The cordial working relationship between the Board and secretariat of HRCC

    There has been an improvement in the relationship between the Board and secretariat with demarcation of roles and functions, and complementarities in HRCC activities.

    Membership Diversity

    Diversity of membership and in the technical areas the members focus on

    . This has provided the expertise and constituency for HRCC work, including the evidence and support for the various positions HRCC has taken.

    Donor Support

    Existence of donor support in key activities of HRCC.

    Lonf list of donors, including HIVOS, NORWAY BASKET FUND, ROYAL NORWEGIAN Embassy, CIDA PEG, UNICEF, UNDP, the British High Commission and Swedish Organization for Individual Relief.

    Partner Network

    Improved networking with other civil society organizations and networks

    This has provided opportunities for HRCC to garner support on its issues and reach out to wider society through the platform provided by the increased networking and collaboration.


    One voice in human rights and governance.

    The ability and willingness of HRCC members to raise their voices in one accord and express a strong sense of solidarity on contentious human rights and governance issues.

    Public Trust

    Human Rights watchdog

    Public trust on human rights issues and recognition as a human rights watchdog both at national and international levels.